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Semiofors – significant places and objects, demonstrators of values. The concept is entered into scientific use by historian Kshishtoph Pomjan. Each participant allocates the significant places in city space and transforms them in semiofors, that is fills with the significant maintenance. Semiofors in a city are designated by stickers.

The mixed part in which the ciphered messages for the city environment (stickers) can be deciphered by means of Google maps; the places in a city where stickers are pasted, are united in routes.


Bukharkov Valeriy
Egorytchev Matvei 
Ernandes Margarita
Ivanova Daria
Kotomina Elizaveta
Lipkind Rina
Miheeva Ekaterina
Naumochkina Daria
Pavlov Alexander
Polyanichev Kirill
Popchenko Ekaterina
Prokofiev Alexandr
Prokofiev Alexey
Ryndina Daria 
Smirnova Nina
Trushina Ekaterina 
Uvarov Ilya 
Vyshynskaya Maria

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