The Workshop develops and publishes electronic creative education programs for children and young people. All our electronic editions are proprietary software products. We offer our products to children and young people, parents and teachers looking for new methods of developing creative thinking.


Design education for children

“Aritist’s book” 2004. CDRom. Authors: Tatiana Selivanova and Nikolay Selivanov.


A multimedia electronic edition “Aritist’s book” is intended for design education of children and teens. The disk introduces to the history and methods of keeping and transmission of information starting from the ancient civilizations and ending by the futuristic book of 20 century. Will the century of computer technologies influence the usual form of the book? This question makes such art phenomenon as the artist's book extraordinary actucal. In this direction new approaches and methods of representing, keeping, correlating, interpreting and generating the information are born.
You can create your own artist’s book using Virtual constructors - original interactive tools that develops art thinking. For working with Virtual constructors we suggest to get acquainted with training films and recommendations loceted on the disk

Disk is addressed to children of nine years and older (we don’t limit age - the material will be interesting for adults also). The disk can be used within the framework of art and design education.


“Constructor of snowflakes” 2004. Software . Author: Fedor Mikhailov.


Children can make virtual images of incredible snowflakes, print them out or even make a real snowstorm! A snowstorm is exhibition that shows all the different snowflakes. "Snowflake construction kit" can be the first software to introduce your kid to the computer. That is its main purpose.


History of Arts

" Return of Magi " 2004. CDRom. Authors: Olga Rozmakhova and Nikolay Selivanov.


It’s an electronic edition for for the study of history and culture in the upper school. It contains large amount of historical and art materials introduces with the cuture and art of late antiquity, Middle Age and Renaissance. The wise men’s return. There is a virtual set of gifts that can help to make creative lessons for children, even making your own Christmas-crib.


" DIAFILM (Slide film)". 2007. CDRom.

The CD is for children ages 7 and up provided the fact that they do the tasks with the help of adults and for teens ages 14 and up who can work independently.
It’s the largest of all our projects. The history of screen culture, the description of optical toys and pre-industrial media, the theory of filmmaking and the analysis of the screen art works. Art, history of screen and pre-screen arts, digital technologies, photography and filmmaking – these topics will be equally interesting for children and adults, so the CD promotes the idea of creative activities for families. We call this genre Home Media. A family can become a real creative team making slide films, optical toys or an animation story.
You are probably familiar with slide films – stories with pictures and text on the film. This film is inserted into a special slide projector that projects the images on the screen.
The slide film is one of the oldest and almost totally forgotten technologies that can help create any professional screen artwork.
With the help of this CD we want to teach you how to create your own media projects. A slide film is a very easy and visual system that demonstrates how you can control the complex content and present it with the help of technical means. After this experience, you will start thinking of your camera and PC not just as a means of documenting various events, but as a means of expressing your own ideas.


"Robots. Optimistic Diselpunk". 2007. CDRom.

For all ages. Our most popular product. The CD has a virtual construction kit where you can build your own robots from all kinds of bits and pieces, static and moving parts, glowing and sounding elements. The assembled robot can be uploaded to an online exhibition.


Modelling. Development of content projects. Development of museum and art exhibitions.

"Artnavigator" 2000. CDRom. Author: Nikolay Selivanov.


Artnavigator is intended for professionals engaged in development of art projects and exhibitions. It is the first russian project devoted to information architecture.

Media Story Creator (MSC). CDRom. 1999 – 2004. Authors: Nikolay Selivanov and Fedor Mikhailov.


It’s a program for creating visual scenarious and editing content.

“Transgression” 2000. CDRom. Author: Nikolay Selivanov.


This disk contains the digital archive of art projects devoted to the problem of actualisation of cultural memory with help of contemporary art. Here is description of art strategy and metodology of “transgression’s” projects.


Humanitarian education and the computer. Theory and practice.

The Russian State University for the Humanities. The university of new generation. (To the concept of new educational model). 2000. CDRom. Author: Nikolay Selivanov. The Advisor – the academic Jury Afanasjev.


Disc is devoted to the problem of changing the educational model caused by the developement of IT. The edition offers a new model of educational process organisation in media.